VIAGGIO – folklore imaginaire, a world band hailing from Hamburg and Madrid, is the wish come true for four top-notch musicians to put into practice their shared musical preferences. On the one hand this means transmitting into sound - in VIAGGIOs unmistakable style - the depth and catchiness of folkloristic music. On the other hand it means also expanding on the formal framework of the genre through a more jazzy, free, pop music-like approach.

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When performing, the musicians know how to tease out the emotionality of their mostly self-composed pieces. Full of verve, yet quiet, melancholy, yet with joie de vivre, fire and restraint - this music embodies all the facets of life. This is also because these four musicians know exactly what they are doing. They are masters of their instruments, are understanding and educated as regards quality of song and musical interaction. Simply said, VIAGGIO are old hands at this.

Darbuka player and producer Fain S. Dueñas, together with his former band Radio Tarifa, shaped the sound of world music in both the nineties and the last ten years. He released recordings and made world tours, was nominated for the Grammy and played with world greats such as Ali Farka Touré and Kepa Junquera.

Bassist Gerd Bauder, has been performing live since his youth and in the last ten years has been demonstrating his ability as a musician with such thoroughly different artists such as Massoud Godemann, Stephan Eicher, finn. and Alexander Dannullis. He performs at events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, Dubai Jazz Festival, festival fragile Paris and the Rock am Ring Festival at the Nürburgring.

Clarinet player Stefan Back, a prize winner as a child in the national youth music competition "Jugend musiziert", later studied jazz saxophone in Boston and Rotterdam with Dick de Graaf und George Garzone among others. He has since been performing in various jazz and pop projects, inter alia, Patrice and Fanta4.

Last, but not least, Arne Gloe completes the quartet. The accordion player performed in the Berlin experimental music circle in the nineties, then went on to work as a theatre musician in Rostock, Cottbus and Schwerin and has in the meantime firmly established himself in the Northern German folk music scene. One discovers what VIAGGIO is about in particular with Gloe, a musician exceptional in improvisation.

VIAGGIO are voyagers and explorers in all things music. Their fascinating folklore imaginaire merges chansons, jazz, Balkan melodies, bal musette and arabesques. The band's sound draws on a lively interchange between accordion, clarinet, bass and percussion. Every position in this exceptional quartet is filled by a master in their field.

We invite you on a colourful journey between cultures and genres, sometimes rapid, sometimes contemplative, but always enthralling.