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Translation of "auf dieser Familie scheint ein Fluch zu liegen" in English Suggest an example Diese Familie scheint von Tragödie zu Tragödie zu taumeln. This family seems to lurch from one tragedy to the next. Die Familie scheint ihn zu mögen. The family has taken a liking to him. Die Familie scheint mir geschrumpft zu sein.

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The family feels kind of shrunk to me. Johann Seyfried Erstmals in der Geschichte der Familie scheint mit zwei Söhnen in einer Generation die Erbfolge besser abgesichert. Johann Seyfried With two sons in one generation for the first time, the single taken curse of the family seemed to be more secure than ever before.

Jason, deine Familie scheint nett zu sein. So, Jason, your family seems nice. Seine Familie scheint es in Italien entstanden. His family it seems originated in Italy.

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In Deiner Familie scheint jeder in irgend einer Form kreativ zu sein. Everybody in your family seems to be creative. The family seems to like him. Meine Familie scheint ihm seinen Erfolg nicht zu gönnen.

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It seems that my family just can't tolerate his success. Das Vokabular Ihrer Familie scheint recht begrenzt zu sein.

The Curse of Feanor Songtext

Your family seems to have a somewhat limited vocabulary. Ihre Familie scheint gewachsen zu sein. It looks like your family has grown. Die Ehre der Familie scheint kennenlernen dativ oder akkusativ nichts zu bedeuten.

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The family honor don't seem to mean nothing to you. Nehmen Sie es mir nicht übel, Mr Poirot, aber Mrs Gallaccio ist tot und keinen in ihrer Familie scheint das zu kümmern. Single taken curse hope I'm not speaking out of turn, Mr Poirot, but Mrs Gallaccio is dead and nobody in her family seems to really care.

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Agnes Brüder waren zehn und fünf Jahre älter als sie, die Familie scheint gut situiert gewesen zu sein. Agnes kam gesund zur Welt. Agnes's brothers were ten and five years old, the family seems to have been well off; Agnes was born as single taken curse healthy child. Die Familie scheint neben ihrer Stellung im Rat rasch zu Wohlstand gekommen zu sein. The family seems to have come quickly to prosperity in addition to their position in the Council.

Für diejenigen von uns, zu arbeiten oder single taken curse kümmern einer Familie scheint es noch schwerer haben. For those of us who work or take care of the family, single taken curse seems even harder.

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The impact of the social profile of the pupils and their families appears to be greater in schools where there single taken curse more disadvantaged pupils. Trotz der Verachtung der kaiserlichen Familie scheint Claudius sehr früh in der Öffentlichkeit respektiert worden zu sein.

Despite the disdain of the Imperial family, it seems that from very early on the general public respected Claudius.

Curse of a Fallen Soul Songtext Another wake, another time, a premature goodbye Siegen dating watched you go and I've seen you pass I always knew that it wouldn't last Together now we mourn the loss and remember all the fun We'll drink the beer and we'll hang out where death took another son So all for one and one for all, do we ever wonder why? Though the reason's clear This friend so dear was taken before his time So may this round be on the corpse of a dead man With a toast that tells of the love you never shared So as we dance on the grave of the misbehaved Raise your glass! Sing the praise of a fallen soul Now many bow their heads for this man they know so well With solemn thoughts they'll drink and drug for a resurrection Facing death we fear no danger While mothers shed their tears through a vail of desperation These fiends of a vicious breed raise single taken curse hell So may this round be on the corpse of a dead man With a toast that tells of the love you never shared Single taken curse as we dance on the grave of the misbehaved Raise your glass!

Oh, unsere Familie scheint Zuwachs zu bekommen. Ladies, we have a new member of the family!

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Ja, der Familie scheint mehr daran zu liegen, ihr die Schuld zuzuschieben, als sie zu finden. The family seems more concerned with blaming her single taken curse with finding her. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts.

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