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We have the eurozone issue, we have Brexit and so many other things.

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We have inside as well as outside problems. We have a big German governmental crisis that is blocking everything and we have governments playing hardball on the Multiannual Financial Framework MFF.

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We even have single taken meme blank Austrians playing foul, and they have only just started their Presidency! In other areas, however, it has indeed been possible to succeed. I hope everyone in this House will support the agreement.

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I hope that, as you leave the Presidency, you can take with you the spirit of biodiversity — many colleagues have said how important that is — because Bulgaria is also so rich in biodiversity and natural beauty.

I have had the opportunity of visiting Pirin National Park: it is really fantastic and we should do everything possible to preserve it.

Lastly, I also hope your Government will be a bit more forthcoming on corruption because this is a big obstacle partnersuche nachhaltig many Member States. I hope you were also able to experience media pluralism and pluralism of opinion here, and how enriching it actually is.

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I hope that soon we can all travel to Bulgaria without having to show our passports and without any other problems.