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Description The The present invention relates to a seat kickstand having the features of the main claim.

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The seat trestle can be used as a seat, as a climbing aid and scaffolding trestle. A single block portable chair made of materials such as a urethane foam or a foamed styrene plastic is known from a Single event leipzig patent JP A known.

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This chair has a seat that is used in agricultural work. The block of this portable chair has close to the seat in its outer periphery a slot that serves for attaching shoulder straps. Particular attention is paid to its viability and to lay stability.


When a portable chair exists in particular the risk of improper use as a climbing aid in cleaning and renovation and Construction work. In addition, for safety reasons, a use Such seating as a support for scaffolds questionable.

Such carrying devices must a range of DIN and Euronormen as well as occupational health and safety Comply with regulations.

It is therefore an object of the present invention, a Sitztrittbock to be used, which can be used both as a seat, climbing aid and scaffolding frame is and a cost effective Production for a series product allows. These Task is according to the invention with technical simple means solved by the features of claim 1.

From of special importance for The present invention is that at least one side of the werner single side ladder is provided with a texture. By means of the texture can a surface texture be created on the side of the block, which in particular is non-slip and non-slip. This site can of course also be used as a seat Because of the block of foamed polymer is also a pleasant sitting experience is produced.

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Furthermore, by means of texturing a safe storage and load bearing surface for soils one scaffold to be provided. From A particular advantage here is that the corners and edges of the block are dull to the risk of breaking out of block parts too minimize or stumble upon entering the block or jamming of fingers when placing scaffold floors on the block to prevent. A particularly efficient embodiment of the Sitztrittbockes is achievable if the block in the form of a cuboid is trained.

The sides of the cuboid are approximately rectangular arranged to each other, each with a pair of opposing Pages are approximately parallel to each other.

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This can after Aligning the seat kickstand on the ground on the opposite textured side a pewter scaffolding structure will be constructed. A block with three different edge lengths along the major axes can by mere Pivoting different heights of textured side of the ground. The block-shaped block can also have a square side surface, wherein the block for example, about the same height as having width to one increased Tilting safety with uneven load to ensure.

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To increase the stability, the block can be formed in particular in the form of a cube be. These Werner single side ladder of the block also has the advantage that the load to be removed mostly in terms of area the ground transferable is. In less sustainable Underground, such as a not yet completely hardened concrete or a damp and uneven ground in the outdoor area, the load can be better be distributed.

Unlike a commercial ladder or scaffolding frame can the seat trestle is not only selectively supported on the ground. Around To achieve a weight reduction of the Sitztrittbockes is the Block made of a foamed Polymer produced. The polymer contains, for example, a thermoplastic Foam such as expanded polystyrene, polypropylene or polyvinylchloride - PVC for short, which can be processed above a material-specific glass transition temperature is.

This can also be done later a texturing or structuring of the page done. Especially a proportion of polystyrene ensures a certain amount of warmth and does not become slippery when wetted with water.

Werner single side ladder

As elastomeric foam For example, flexible polyurethane foam and nitrile butadiene rubber - in short NBR- into consideration. A share of NBR provides in particular for an increased static friction a textured wing. A thermoset foam contains, for example a rigid polyurethane foam or a phenoplast.

Werner single side ladder latter provide at low density for a high compression hardness, so that a multiple of the own weight of the Sitztrittbockes at high dimensional stability supported by the block can be.

It is clear to the skilled person that the ver Various polymer foams can also be used in combination to adjust ent speaking properties of the block. Without wishing to be limited thereto, the block could comprise a thermoplastic foam core having a thermoset foam sheath. Such foams are usually resistant to various media, such as water, solvents and the like, so that damage caused by dripping materials such as mortar, paint, cleaning agents or sealants cause no safety endangering damage.

Werner Ladder UK - Werner Fibreglass Step Ladders Description Translated from German Die Erfindung betrifft eine zusammenklappbare Mehrzweckleiter, deren Holme durch paarweise angeordnete und in mehreren Arbeitsstellungen verriegelbare Gelenke verbunden sind, die je zwei um eine gemeinsame Gelenkachse schwenkbare Gelenkteile aufweisen, von denen der erste Gelenkteil eine zur Gelenkachse konzentrische, zweischalige Sperrscheibe aufweist, die werner single side ladder Bereich ihres Umfanges entsprechend den Arbeitsstellungen verteilte Nuten hat, in die ein an dem das erste Gelenkteil übergreifenden zweiten Gelenkteil längsverschieblich geführtes, federbelastetes Sperrstück eingreifen kann, das durch einen an dem zweiten Gelenkteil verschwenkbar gelagerten und mit einem Betätigungshebel verbundenen Lösehebel aus der jeweiligen Ausnehmung der Sperrscheibe aushebbar ist und die L ösungshebel der den beiden Holmen zugeordneten Gelenke durch eine Stange miteinander verbunden sind.

Around with high structural strength of the block an easy to transport To provide Sitztrittbock sees an advantageous development the invention in that the foamed polymer has a bulk density from about 15 kg m-3 to about 30 kg m In particular, can the block large volume be designed, which is worn or moved by a person can be.

Thus, a quick positioning of the seat stalk is possible.

werner single side ladder

To an advantageous development of Sitzgestellbockes is with set the texture side from the longest edge of the block. In this way, in particular, the side of the block with a texture be provided, which has a maximum surface area.

This can provide an enlarged support surface for scaffold floors, on the other hand the accident prevention regulations enough tread werner single side ladder.

This jacob de lichtenberg datingens psykologi surface can continue as elevated storage space for tools, Building materials, cleaning agents and the like are used.

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An increased storage such aids, for example, protects the joints in the Homework, as a permanent bend, Squatting or kneeling is avoided. A further advantageous embodiment of the Sitztrittbockes provides that at least one provided with the texture Page is colored with a signal color.

werner single side ladder

Just under bad Light and visibility conditions is the performance area easily recognizable, which in particular increases slip resistance. A particularly comfortable side of the Blocks can also be colored differently its as a textured side, prepared as a tread is. The depression can also be designed so that moisture absorbed by the depression being, being a big part the textured side remains dry.

This lowers the risk of one Slipping or slipping on werner single side ladder seat stool. The deepening of Texture can also be designed as a receptacle for scaffold floors of a scaffold be, with which a slipping, a shifting or a tilting of the Scaffolding floors effective can be prevented. The texture may have an elevation. The survey may for example be formed by ribs, the one extremely slip-resistant tread provide.

Through a combination of depressions and elevations On a textured side can be a security especially high quality multi-purpose surface will be realized. A for the Series production particularly cost-effective embodiment of the invention provides that the structures are arranged symmetrically to each other.

Also is an asymmetric Arrangement of the structures of the werner single side ladder possible to be independent of an orientation of the Sitztrittbockes a sure-footed, non-slip or to provide werner single side ladder comfortable side.

A Particularly advantageous development of the seat trestle according to the invention is designed so that the handle of a recessed grip close to the partnersuche ohne email angabe of the block is defined, with an approximately parallel to the edge extending Section of the recessed partner besser kennenlernen is undercut.

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A large volume Block can thereby be transported or transferred with only one hand one of its main axes are pivoted. According to a further embodiment of the invention, the seat staging block is further formed such that a block is attachable by means of the texture to another block of a Sitzgestellbockes.

For example, the texture has an area whose elevation corresponds to the pits of one area of the texture of the other block. This is of particular importance for stacking of the invention Seating seat blocks to prevent accidental slipping of a block in a stack.

The The present invention further relates to a method of manufacturing a Sitztrittbockes with a block of foamed polymer, wherein at least one side designed as a support and step surface a texture is werner single side ladder.

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The process can be designed that a block of foamed Polymer is produced. In a further step, the texturing carried out on at least one page.

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Could also the block is made in a mold by foaming the polymer be at werner single side ladder one side of the block of a mold section is provided with the texture. For this purpose, the mold section has a negative the texture on. Further expedient method steps result from the above description of embodiments of Sitzgestellbockes. Farther The present invention relates to a use of the Sitztrittbockes according to one of the aforementioned embodiments in craft Activities. Further Features and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following Description of several embodiments and from the drawings, to which reference is made below.

Show it: 1 a first embodiment of a Sitzgestellbockes invention in perspective view; 2 a second embodiment of two stacked Sitztrittböcken in cross-sectional view; 3 a construction of further embodiments of a Sitztrittbockes invention in cross section; 4 a further embodiment of three Sitztrittböcken in side sectional view; 5 a scaffolding construction with two further exemplary embodiments of a Sitztrittbockes; and 6 a skeleton construction in side view of further embodiments of a Sitztrittbockes invention.

Unless otherwise stated below, the following description always refers to werner single side ladder embodiments of the 1.