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Kommentar Not knowing what kind of compliments he has wie flirten engländer you, one can only speculate.

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I wonder when he started "ignoring" you. Perhaps after he made it clear or knew that you knew that he was in a relationship, which information you followed up on by flirting?

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If that's the case, then "no wonder" is probably right on wie flirten engländer. Or perhaps he simply wants to have a business relationship. It would not be unusual for someone to avoid mixing business with pleasure, preferring to seek friendships that might develop into romantic relationships through social contacts, church, etc.

As for not answering email, how many messages has he "ignored"?

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If it's only one or two, perhaps he didn't receive them. Messages do land in spam folders, accidentally get partnersuche nagold instead of sent, or deleted instead of read. Maybe he gets so many emails at work that he only answers those related to work.

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Maybe he thought that a personal message sent to a work account was not appropriate. My guess is that you are not dealing with cultural differences as much as personal reactions to a situation that we can scarcely help you decode, not knowing all the details.

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